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Q:  What surfaces will my lettering adhere to?

A:  Any smooth surface that is not porous, so pretty much anything but concrete, brick, or stucco.  Our vinyl quotes adhere easily to walls, glass, wood, tile, plastic or metal.  They will even work on lightly textured walls although you may need to use a little more pressure when applying them to an uneven surface to ensure they adhere to the grooves in the wall.

Q:  Is my vinyl quote reusable if I want to peel it off and move it to another wall?

A:  No.  Unfortunately your vinyl quote is for one time application only because it will stretch and possibly even tear when you peel it off your wall making it impossible to re-apply.

Q:  Will the vinyl wall quotes damage the paint or drywall?

A:  No.  We use a high quality indoor removable vinyl that removes easily and cleanly for up to 2 years after application (or longer if not in constant sunlight or next to a heater vent).  When it comes time to remove your vinyl remember the heat of a blow dryer will soften the vinyl for easier removal.  Please wait for at least 3 weeks before applying vinyl to newly painted walls.
Note:  Beyond the Wall cannot be held responsible for any damage to paint or surfaces you choose to apply your vinyl to.   

Q:  Can I get a quote in a color or font other than what is shown online?

A:  Yes.  Email me with what you would like and I will do my best to accommodate you.  Note however, there may be an additional charge for some colors that need to be special ordered. 

Q:  Can I get a color sample to make sure it will match my room?

A:  Yes, I’d be happy to supply you with a sample of any of the colors you’re considering for your room.  Email me with the colors you would like to see and include your mailing address. 

Q:  Can I get a quote in a different size than what’s offered online?

A:  Yes!  Any size you want…just email us with your request and we’ll let you know the new price.

Q:  What if I live in the Cowichan Valley and want to pick-up my order rather than pay the $5 shipping online? 

A:  Email your order through one of our many “email us” links on the site rather than using the online purchasing.  We can arrange for pick-up or drop-off and can collect payment (cash or cheque) at the time.

Q: Do you do custom designs? 

A:  Yes, see our custom order page for more info.

Q: Do you ship outside of Canada? 

A:  Yes we do! Email us for shipping info and rates.



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